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First consultation:
How to create my solution?

We are all health users, and we all have good ideas based on our experiences.

How can I find out if my idea exists or not? How the ecosystem can help me to make my idea a real project? How can I prove the efficiency of my idea? How can I manage it according to a real need for global health? How can I give strengh to my ideas if I don’t have the time or just the motivation to carry out this project on my own?

We need you! Our experts will be present to answer these questions on June 27, but we want to start from your point of views.

If in the future you want to create a digital health solution, where would you start?

Second consultation:
Can my solution be implemented in the "digital health record"?

We are pleased to have many experts for these 2 days at the DTx Science event.

Do you want to ask them a question? You are interested about their professional backgrounds? You have an innovative project and you want their advice?

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All the elements collected for this consultation will be shared with each speaker present at the DTx Science event. The most important thing: written or oral, you will receive an answer.